Friday, August 20, 2010

Cosmin TRG - Tower Block / Béton Brut

1. Tower Block
2. Béton Brut

Following his peakin' Funky drops for Tempa and Rush Hour, TRG goes dark and techy with two steely focussed actions for Hemlock. The imagery is set with the title for 'Tower Block', taking the vibe pan-ghetto sci-fi with a blend of frisky Latin shuffles and calculated Zomby-esque motions craftily nodding to the Dutch Bubblers sound. 'Bton Brut' stays in that occluded Nether zone with cranky dry textures and haunted pads circling proper tricksy future techno rhythms like a darkside version of Rishi Romero's 'African Forest'. Severely ON IT gear. Well recommended!!!

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