Thursday, August 19, 2010

Four Tet / Mala - Nothing To See / Don't Let Me Go

01. Four Tet - Nothing to See
02. Mala - Don't Let Me Go

Soul Jazz pair two disparate but cosmically inclined UK stalwarts on a killer sampler 12" for the forthcoming Future Bass compilation. Mala's 'Don't Let Me Go' is an earthy mover, rooted in shuddering subbass and stone cut drums while spaced out with frothy, Zomby-esque bleeps and evaporating melodica motifs. Four Tets 'Nothing To See' is a craftier piece of music, wrapping tumbled thumb pianos (maybe it's a marimba?) with trapped techno loops and flurries of jazz percussion in a proper kosmiche house style drawing wonky lines between Krautrock, 'tronica and

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