Thursday, August 19, 2010

Digital Mystikz - Walkin' With Jah / Earth A Run Red

01. Walkin' With Jah
02. Earth A Run Red

After months of white labels and airings on every dubstep affiliated radio show/station in the dubosphere the most anticipated DMZ of them all drops like a 300lb rasta after a well packed chillum. 'Earth a run red' is instantly recognisable, a holler from Sgt. Pokes introduces the electric riff and a rootical half step swing, thoroughly modern steppers styles. 'Walkin' with Jah' boots up a notch into a garage compatible 'up' roller with spooked out theremin FX and a turbulent Babylon sent bassline. Comes complete with full artwork courtesy of Soul Jazz musical entertainment company for your aesthetic pleasure, but then again, you're probably too redeyed too see it

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