Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Africa Hitech - Hitecherous

01 - How Does It Make U Feel
02 - Said Speed
03 - Lash Out
04 - Boingy
05 - One Two
06 - One Two (Instrumental)
07 - How Does It Make U Feel Alt Intro
08 - Too Late
09 - Too Late Instrumental
10 - Too Late Dub
11 - Too Late Dub Instrumental

Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek don their pressurised dashikis on a trip to unimagined African futures. We were given three recon images of their mission on the brilliant 'Blen' 12", and the seven-track 'Hitecherous' gives a detailed status report until the full album lands in early 2011. The eight-minue odyssey 'How Does It Make You Feel' grabs the groove with two hands full of dusty acid sequences, salty bleeps and scuffed post-garage syncopations mellowed out by Spacek's soul vox, while 'Said Speed' runs out spiky digital rhythms and speed garage bass like SND versus Mr V. 'Lash Out' goes wild with staggered synthlines and clacking Grime snares, and 'Boingy' lurches like zebedee on two zoots and half a bottle of Moet. The best has gotta be the dynamic dancehall minimalism of 'One Two', launching the kind of subs liable to buckle your speaker cones under insectoid bleep scuttles and a heavily JA flavoured vocal from Mista Spacek. For all digital heads, there's also the dub-sculpted 'Too Late' featuring a mellifluous vocal and syrupy horns to balance the concrete digital weight of the bass and icy shards of percussion. Pedigree wares!...www.boomkat.com


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