Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blawan - Fram / Iddy

A. Fram
B. Iddy

No fussing, Hessle Audio command the dance with two deadly cuts from Blawan. So, who is Blawan? We haven't got a clue! We've heard rumours that it could be the recording alter-ego of the notoriously production shy Ben UFO, but as we say, they're rumours and completely unfounded! Either way, these are seriously hot tracks. 'Fram' on the A-side flicks out a proper dancer's spesh with cold, post-garage drums twisted into swerving junglist syncopations while warped techno synths add a quasi-speed hyperglide tension. On the flip 'Iddy' bats out a whole other set of percussion; tungsten-tipped, pointillist rimshots, hollow toms and insectoid hi's to give your limbs multiple options on the flex. If Untold, Scuba, Burial, Ramadanman or T++ make you dance like you're the only person in the room, this is a must!

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