Monday, June 14, 2010

dBridge - Producer 2 Remix EP

01 ZX81 (Shed Remix)
02 ZX81 (Ramadanman Refix)

Serious remix session from Shed and Ramadanman tackling dBridge's killer 'ZX81' from the 'Producer #2' compilation! No joke, Shed's remix is quite possibly the best track we've heard from him since the album a few years back. With a bulbous, slow-motion Reese bass, scissoring hi-hats and the kind of bumpy bass swing that made 'Another Wedged Chicken' so addictive, the Berlin maverick has crafted a lethal tune that's guaranteed to be in our boxes for years to come. For his mix, the prolific Ramadanman works with dance-weirding pitch bends and the kind of future-tribalist syncopations that made his Pearson Sound tracks and the recent 'Glut' 12" for Hemlock so bloody crucial. In this case, he's overshadowed by the towering mix on the flip, but who the f**k is complaining?! Essential dancefloor weight for all crew!!!

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