Monday, June 7, 2010

Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling / Anaconda

A I Can't Stop This Feeling
B Anaconda

Jack Dunning has officially arrived. As Untold he's returning to Hessle Audio for his second release on the label; he's also put music out on Hotflush, remixed Toasty Boy's "The Knowledge," runs his own label Hemlock Recordings from his North London base and he seems to be on the lips of everybody coerced into conversation about the future of dubstep. Over his first five or so releases, he's carved a trademark style that fuses the skittering drums of garage, techno and UK funky with intoxicating percussion, those all important animal noises and the kind of bass stabs that would make El-B jealous.

"I Cant Stop This Feeling" is a prime example of his production aesthetic. Initially he deploys a synthesizer that constantly builds and builds, increasing its pitch as it goes until you are fully expectant of a Prodigy-sized drop, and then he drops the track out to simply some mumbled bass notes and a woodblock snare. His arrangement nonchalance is well-founded though, as the rest of the track somehow ties together every last line or riff running throughout into a singular twisted vision.

"Anaconda," however, is why you, dear reader, should purchase this platter. It sounds like three different tracks in one. After a "Clunk Clip Every Trip"-style bongo workout, Dunning drops in some bleeps and drones that make up the ultra-fun-and-gloopily-recognisable off-kilter melody before rolling out marching band snares for the breakdown. Oh. And he adds some Jurassic Park atmospherics for effect too. Upon first listen it really does sound like he's joking; but when you hear it wielded by a competent DJ, the drop into the "funtown" segment truly is one of the best you'll

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