Saturday, June 5, 2010

Uffie - Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans

01. Pop The Glock
02. Art Of Uff (Feat. Pharrell)
03. Add Suv
04. Give It Away
05. MC's Can Kiss
06. Difficult
07. First Love
08. Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans
09. Our Song
10. Illusion Of Love (Feat. Mattie Safer)
11. Neuneu
12. Brand New Car
13. Hong Kong Garden
14. Ricky

The young vibrant and totally promiscuous sound of sassy rap star Uffie returns to the shelves as she touts her newest release, Uffie – Sex, Dreams & Denim Jeans.

She exploded onto the scene in 2006 with provocative single, Pop the Glock, which caught the attention of the listening public and many of the coolest artists and producers at the time. Cue the involvement of ex-partner and Ed Banger DJ and Producer, Feadz. His experience and contacts also lead to the involvement of Mr. Oizo and SebastiAn on the new release, their teeth firmly sunk into the sexed up loins of the American born, Hong Kong raised and Paris based MC. Their distinct Parisian-electro vibes and tweaked sampling techniques give the album the edge that no other female pop release possesses.
Sex, Dreams & Denim Jeans contains 14 tracks, each one staggeringly diverse in its production. We would expect nothing less from the figures in charge of the mixing desk.

Uffie has also been under the careful guidance of Mirwais, the ex-guitarist of French punk group Taxi Girl and long-term collaborator with the one and only Madonna. He has managed to nurture the inner pop in Uffie and coax it out for the benefit of the mainstream audience.

Her hiatus has caused her to return thoroughly reinvented and equipped with that essential slice of maturity. The sass is still there, as is the filthy flow and industry support.

Check out track 3, ADD SUV, which features a rap from N.E.R.D frontman and Producer to the stars, Pharrell Williams. It’s packed with grinding basslines, warped vocals and a quirky synth chorus. Track 6, Difficult, has that French influenced electro edge as does track 7, First Love, which pays homage to her releationship with partner and Producer, Feadz (they split in 2008). Track 13, Hong Kong Garden, could be mistaken for a remixed Kim WIlde track. The guitar sample has been lifted straight off a Blondie L.P. and the mix of effects is 80’s

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