Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Berghain 04 by Ben Klock

01. 154 - Apricot
02. DVS1 – Pressure
03. Junior Boys - Work(Marcel Dettmann Remix)
04. Martyn – Miniluv
05. STL - Loop 04
06. Levon Vincent - The Long Life
07. Jonas Kopp - Michigan Lake
08. ACT – RoHd
09. Mikhail Breen – Veracity
10. DVS1 – Confused
11. Rolando - De Cago
12. Kevin Gorman - 7am Stepper
13. Ben Klock - Compression Session 1
14. Roman Lindau – Keppra
15. Tyree - Nuthin Wrong
16. The Echologist - Dirt (Ben Klock Edit)
17. James Ruskin – Graphic
18. Ben Klock feat. Elif Biçer - Elfin Flight
19. Rolando – Junie

Berlin techno icon Ben Klock has mixed Berghain 04, the next installment in
Ostgut Ton's mix series.

Much like his sets at the notorious Berlin nightspot, the new mix rides a throbbing techno groove, interspersed with jacking house and hints of dubstep. About two thirds of the tracks are previously unreleased, including selections by DVS1, Martyn, Levon Vincent and Marcel Dettmann's remix of Junior Boys. The compilation also features two exclusive tracks by Klock: "Compression Session 1" and "Elfin Flight," a collaboration with Elif Bicer.

As with previous editions in the Berghain and Panorama Bar series, the new mix will be accompanied by two 12-inches, plus a digital-only EP. Slated for release in June and July, Berghain 04's vinyl extractions will feature new tunes by Martyn, Roman Lindau, James Ruskin and Kevin Gorman, while the digital EP boasts a track by Jonas Kopp and Ben Klock's edit of The Echologist...www.residentadvisor.net

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