Friday, June 4, 2010

iTAL tEK - Midnight Colour

01. Neon Arc
02. Talis
03. Moonbow
04. Babel
05. Satellite
06. Subgiant
07. Black And White
08. Strangelove V.I.P.
09. Moment In Blue
10. Heliopause
11. Midnight Colour
12. Infinite
13. Restless Tundra (feat. Anneka)

iTAL tEK follows his warmly received 'cYCLiCAL' album with another clutch of techy IDM-driven post-dubstep forms. 'Midnight Colour' expands his rhythm palette of 2-step and lurching halfstep to include slower hiphop vibes similar to label mate Kuedo's crushed patterns or well measured electronic R'n'B swing vibes like on 'Babel' or the zappy 'Subgiant'. His florid and highly melodic take on this style should be lapped up by anyone into Boxcutter, Kuedo or Von

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