Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ribn – Light Black EP

A. Light Black
B1. Sin & FIgs
B2. Stonedrum

This latest release sees Manuel Tur & Langenberg teaming up once again, to produce under the ever more familiar guise of ‘Ribn‘. Along with managing to find out just what kind of a super hero Manual Tur aspires to be, Soundcanvas has managed to wrangle a cheeky review advance on This latest offering and our findings are as follows . . .
A/ Light Black
This is a seriously atmospheric, progressive groove of a track, with a nice techno percussion twinge. With its bulbous Basssline grinding away throughout, the track fills the space between your ears with some lovely panning, reverb etc, in short the production here is slick. Though the overall vibe of Light black is pretty soft and palatable on your senses, you can rest assured that hearing this dropped into a set in a club should be a sure confirmation you are you will not be leaving til you’ve had a quiet word with yourself in the corner around 6am. . .
B1/ Sin & Figs
Having passed the tracks between us here at Soundcanvas, our over all the favorite from this installment is the ‘Sin & Figs’ track which our very own Hennessy summed up beautifully. . . “A bit of me that, I’m all over it like a smoked bacon and fried egg sandwich with white crusty uncut bread and a mug of rosie with one sugar. This track lulls me into a real relaxed zone and I could happily listen to it all day, day dreaming. The deep beat, coupled with the earthy and techy percussion, rolls along beautifully and the various chord, key and sound arrangements have me sold. This tune is definitely going to make it onto my next mix.” the ever graciously descriptive Hennesy there . . and I quite agree with him, light skippy high-hats and an almost acoustic guitar sounding riff let this 8 minute ride vibe you out to the max.
B2/ Stonedrum
Crackle crackle of the vinyl . . . introduces this great retro tinged down tempo number which has me got me seriously nodding in my chair right now. This track would sit perfectly in the middle of a ‘Disco/Down Tempo’ set or well. . . as a ‘closer’ at the end of any respectable set actually, but again, this is, at its core a brilliantly produced chugging deep house bump. You know what . . . I think this could be my favorite actually . . .www.minimalistica.org

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