Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kyle Hall - Must See EP

01. Must See
02. Ghosten
03. osc_2
04. Body Of Water

He's Kyle Motherfucking Hall, girl. And he can be as promiscuous as he wants. The young Detroit producer makes his fourth debut appearance on a label of 2010 with Must See. You can hear exactly why he might feel the need to do so. His Hyperdub release, Kaychunk, was Hyperdub, fast-paced, shock-of-the-new stuff. (However that's defined.) And this Third Ear release fits snugly into the Third Ear canon: Easy-going, lush, considered. The Motor City's boy wonder isn't here to wow you, he's here to seduce you. Girl.

The fastest he gets is on the B2, "Body of Water," but he leavens the 127 BPM by layering the dreamiest backing of all four tunes over top. It's got tons of moving parts, but they're so primed toward beauty that you almost don't notice. Indeed, that's the big takeaway from Must See: Everything sounds exceptionally easy, but listen a little bit closer and you become floored by its complexity. The scratching groove of "Osc 2," the melancholic "Ghosten," "Must See"'s offbeat wonky house. There's a level of sophistication behind these tunes that is almost frightening in a producer so young, leading you to wonder not only what he will produce next, but also where...www.residentadvisor.net

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