Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hey Today! - Wonderwoman

A1 -Kicktro
A2 -If I Was Wonderman
B1 -Wonderman
B2 -If I Was Wonderman (Bobmo Remix)
C1 -If I Was Wonderman (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)
C2 -If I Was Wonderman (Vanshe Tech Remix) (Bonus Track)

Hey Today!, the Hamburgian duo of Raik Fargo and Dy! emerge from long months spent twiddling knobs, eating ice cream on mars and listening to themselves twiddle deeeeep inside their tekhno bunker to offer up their latest and greatest 3 track (plus Kicktro) 'Wonderman E.P', on BangGang12s.

Following on from their debut release on Kitsune last year, remixes for Digitalism (Kitsume), Shazam (Bang Gang) and Zombie Nation (Turbo) and time spent appreciating the wonders of German sausage, Wonderman combines the duos epic production talents with robotic vocoding, synth solos and female (not diva) vocals to produce a very German-non-German-sounding-superhero-house stormer.



    thanks to dethfan

  2. Soory, but the file is not available anmore until the uploader takes action at RapidShare. Please see there...