Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kate Simko - Music From The Atom Smashers

01 Welcome to Fermilab
02 Control Room
03 Quiet Daydream (Intro)
04 The Creative Part
05 Fear of the Unknown
06 Nature Surreal
07 God Particle
08 Who Needs Science?
09 Nature Surreal (Airport Edit)
10 Trouble Brewing
11 Sociber
12 Random Universe
13 Tevatron Dream
14 Quiet Daydream
15 Random Universe (Recap)
16 The Creative Part (Epilogue)

Taking a departure from her more established work as a minimal techno producer, Spectral Sound regular Kate Simko tries her hand at soundtrack work, and meets with no small amount of success in so doing. The Atom Smashers is a documentary film following physicists working at Fermilab (the USA's most powerful particle accelerator) in their quest to discover the Higgs Boson particle, and Simko sets about her score in a fashion that appropriately balances disciplined academic austerity with techie 4/4 know-how. She's in great form when tackling glitch-driven ambience on 'Quiet Daydream' and the spectrally filtered vapours that constitute 'Fear Of The Unknown', but in addition to those 12k-style meditations you get the odd beat driven track, as underlined by the microhouse reverberations of 'Sociber' and 'God Particle's uptempo melodicism. On top of all that Simko plays through a Steve Reich-styled instrumental on 'The Creative Part', showing there's more to her musical range than you might previously have thought...

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