Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prefuse 73 - The Forest Of Oversensitivity

1 Overkill Choir
2 Relief Choir
3 Preperation's Kids Choir (Can't Dance No More Version)
4 Always Alone Choir
5 Simple Loop Choir (Bad Memory Version)

Acting as a conceptual accompaniement to his prog-epic 'Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian', 'The Forest Of Sensibility EP' reimagines 'Preparation Kids Choir' and 'Simple Loop Choir' into five dreamily psyched versions. 'Overkill Choir' and 'Relief Choir' on the A-side explore the sort of swooning harmonics and folksy/Latin debted melodies that also mark his Savath & Savalas output, creating lush organic textures and fluid yet complex percussive frameworks to fall into. The B-side revisions 'Preparation's Kids Choir (Can't dance No More Version)' and 'Always Alone Choir' take a more defined hiphop/electronic stance with snapping rhythms taking influence from collaborator Roberto Carlos Lange and sounding much closer to the Prefuse of old, leaving 'Simple Loop Choir' to finish with a cosmic swirl of acoustic guitars and sun baked psychedelia.

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