Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brendon Moeller - Jazz Junk Safari

01. Slight Transition
02. Jazz Junk Safari Mix
03. Space
04. Saviour
05. Pink Noise
06. N-Train
07. One Man's Junk
08. Changes
09. Stinkin Thinkin
10. Fixer
11. Safari
12. Traffic (Original Mix)
13. Jazz

Brendon Moeller is set to compile his three Third Ear releases onto an unmixed CD compilation later the year.

Moeller has had full-length CD releases under his Beat Pharmacy guise, but this will be the first time that Francois K's right hand man has put out an album under his own name. Packaged across two discs, Jazz Junk Safari contains both unmixed and mixed versions of the material from the vinyl EPs, with the mixed version including an exclusive remix of Guillamino, which will come out on Third Ear later this year.

Dubby house music is the order of the day, but each track has its own distinct style, with Moeller switching from smooth organic grooves ("Changes") to techier fare ("Pink Noise", "Space") with his usual polished production sheen.

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