Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orba Squara - The Trouble With Flying

01 Treasure Map
02 Come So Far
03 Picture Perfect (All The Colors)
04 Millionaires
05 Tomorrow
06 New Guitar
07 The Trouble With Flying
09 Too
08 Maybe
10 Tell Me
11 Brand New Day
12 Raining Again
13 Very Very (Snow In June)

To celebrate the June 23rd release of The Trouble With Flying, Orba Squara took to the road on a first ever 10 day road trip across country. The idea was "...to play some new music, meet some new people and, along the way, see what we've been missing." The entire trip has been beautifully documented as a really fantastic web project (the likes of which none of us here at VivaIndieRock have ever seen!). We highly recommend you check it out. Not only will you feel like you are part of the journey, but you will also get to preview all of the tracks on the new record as you explore.

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