Friday, June 19, 2009

Ugress - Reminiscience

01. AMZ 1974
02. Chrome Shuriken Dragonfire
03. Numb (feat. Christine Litle)
04. New Shoes Escape Manoeuvre
05. It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots)
06. The Bosporus Incident
07. Cthulhu's Night Out (feat. Heidi Marie Vestrheim)
08. Sandtraps (feat. Christine Litle)
09. Apocalypse Please Wait Buffering
10. Sordid Pulse (feat. Sjur Hjeltnes)
11. Malaria 22
12. Win Without Triumph (feat. Christine Litle)

Reminiscience is the fourth studio album from Ugress. Presenting melodic, epic retro-electronica in a cinematic scope, it lives up to the title, delivering the science and research of sweet memories.

Nostalgic robots are singing about their forgotten movies, sweet and scary monsters are humming massive club lullabies, 70'ies disco detectives are fighting crime with funk, and bubbly 80'ies computer game music bring us back to the digital childhood escapism. Masters of kung-fu deliver wise sample advice in a delicious dub, and guest vocalists bathe in pulsing house tracks and stadium sized beats.

Featuring guest vocals by Christine Litle, Heidi Marie Vestrheim and Sjur Hjeltnes.

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