Sunday, June 28, 2009

BLM & Pawas - Online EP

A1. Online
B1. Cooper
B2. Down Down

BLM aka Ben Micklewright is co-founder of the UK’s Fear and Flying imprint, a label that has been gaining momentum and support in all the right places. This release is already being supported by Luciano, MANDY, Raresh and Groove Armada, a testament to its wide appeal.

The ‘Online’ EP is a product of the digital age, built through a purely online exchange of the parts, it has culminated in a package of deep house treats. Featuring the vocals of Lois Winstone (daughter of World-renowned actor Ray Winstone, actor in her own right and singer in various UK cult bands) her voice whispers through ‘Down Down’, a track oozing mystique and allure.

Made up of three deliciously warm tracks, Online, Down Down and Cooper, the 11th release for Fear of Flying mark it as a label pushing forward quality music and mapping out it’s own style. As the boundaries of deep house and techno are swinging, eyes are on Fear of Flying as they continue to deliver fresh sounds from talented artists across the globe.

A producer of great skills, BLM channelled his early passions into Massive Records, one of the UK’s biggest independent record shops, before releasing on labels from Leftnet to Azuli plus a string of recent beautiful releases on Fear Of Flying. Previously collaborating with MarcAshken, this release ties him with Pawas for the first time, bringing together their spontaneous and fresh sounds.

Pawas delivered the previous release for Fear of Flying and this is his third for the label. Indian-born and musically bred, he offers an exotic element to the current dancefloor sound.

With forthcoming releases and remixes planned on Leftroom, Hypercolour and murmur labels this may be the start of many well-loved releases to come from the pair.

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