Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Windmill - Epcot Starfields

1. Airsuit
2. Big Boom
3. IMAX Raceway
4. Ellen Save Our Energy
5. Epcotman
6. Epcot Slow
7. Photo Hemispheres
8. Shuttle
9. Sony Metropolis Stars
10. Spaceship Earth

Windmill was born from the hidden four-track recordings of Matthew Thomas Dillon. The buzz surrounding Windmill began in the alternative, underground scene with a ltd 7” release on the highly respected indie label ‘Static Caravan’. This caught the attention of another stellar independent label ‘Melodic Records’ and work began on the debut album. Produced by Dillon himself and Tom Knott, their vision was both unique and spellbinding. The record entitled “Puddle City Racing Lights” was released to unanimous, critical acclaim. “Puddle City Racing Lights” has been embraced by some of the finest independent record labels in the world. Finding homes on Beat records (Japan), Groenland (Germany), Houston Party (Spain) and Friendly Fire Records (North America, Canada). Windmill made a bold entrance into the live music scene in 2007, sharing billings with The National, Patrick Watson, The Smashing Pumpkins, Vampire Weekend and touring with Annie Clark’s St. Vincent. In 2007/2008 Windmill performed sessions for some of the premier international radio stations. Including; Studio Brussel, France-inter, BBC 6 Music and Xfm.

Dillon spent 2008 locked away with a new idea for a record. Scrapping all songs that had been written since the release of his debut, Dillon set about following a vision. This new record entitled "Epcot Starfields" captures Dillon's sense of impending doom that threatens humanity. It is etched to a backdrop of grand ideas and '70's science fiction. "Epcot Starfields" reunites Dillon with Co-Producer Tom Knott and will be released in 2009.

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