Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mirko Loko - Seventynine

01. Sidonia
02. Around The Angel
03. Love Harmonic
04. On Fire
05. Astral Vacuum
06. Bluebook
07. Shadow
08. Tahktok
09. Le Monologue d'Orfeu
10. Altrove
11. You Know Where

Following in the footsteps of Los Updates' 2008 First If You Please, Cadenza will once again invite a newcomer to the imprint to release a full-length. Loko was formerly one-half of production duo Lazy Fat People, but stepped out onto his own last year with a 12-inch for Desolat.

According to the press release Loko's Cadenza effort, Seventynine, sounds much the same as his solo work on Desolat: It's a collection of tracks that "celebrate the communal ideal of dance music with spirited, percussive tracks." But while Loko aims for the dance floor, he also reportedly is found "ducking into shadowy corners in search of more private emotions."

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