Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deuce - Deuce EP

01 Twerp Wiz
02 Guttering
03 Cue Ed

Berghain rudeboys Marcel Dettmann and Shed join forces for three toughened techno excursions on Ostgut. Their new gear certainly isn't for the average techno head with a new mode based around a stringently reduced and customized industrial palette arranged for 11am dancefloor moments. 'Twerp Wiz' sets out their agenda by removing any trace of melody in favour of modulated synthline ascensions and rubbing the rhythm up the wrong way so it bristles with a fierce conviction. 'Guttering' follows with another austere techno killer, utilising that knack for febrile rhythm management that Shed has nailed on so many tracks and applying it to Dettmann's cold concrete surfaces, while 'Cue Ed' eases up with the sort of kinky techno roller you'd expect either producer to drop in one of their many extended sets. Smart as. Tip!

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