Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ramadanman - Revenue

Love it..

A Revenue
B Revenue (Untold Remix)

David Kennedy, one third of the Yorkshire-birthed Hessle Audio conglomerate, has seen a well deserved spike in media attention of late. That's thanks, in part at least, to his seemingly relentless touring schedule, but it also doesn't hurt that he has a new duo of releases, "Humber" on Apple Pips and this platter on 2nd Drop Records, as well.

In typical Ramadanman fashion "Revenue" goes ultra heavy on percussion, layering metalic strokes and flammed conga drums atop his low end. He creates the melody in the first instance by pairing his kick drum patterns with toms before his airy pad synthesizer swarms through a tremolo, pulsing a new harmony to the forefront of the track and, in so doing, creating a rare 140 BPM track without a single reverbed snare in earshot.

Untold, here drafted in personally on remix duty by Kennedy, is probably one of the most watched producers currently operating in the scene. With previous releases on Hessle Audio and his own Hemlock Recordings label, his brutal compositions manage to sound like nothing or no one around. True to his personal style, he adds whistles, whoops and a little more of a tribal pounding drum line to "Revenue" whilst letting the original gated synthesizer sing out as his percussion flickers and dances over it. Fleshing out Kennedy's skeletal sketch pays dividends: The additional percussion, animal noises and sultry bass stabs draw out an exceptional groove on this exceptional



    big thanks to slivovica