Sunday, June 21, 2009

Milanese - Lockout

01. Baby Blue Remix (Ft. RQM & Oliver Grimball)
02. Wonderful World (Ft. Ben Sharps)
03. The End 4:08
04. B Sharpa (Ft. Ben Sharpa) (Reload Mix)
05. The End (Untold Remix)
06. Unique 3 - Take This Love (Milanese Remix)
07. Disclosure (Ft. Ben Sharpa)
08. Fun With Robots
09. B Sharpa (Ft. Ben Sharpa)
10. The End (Off Mix)
11. Shake Wut Ya Mama Gave Ya (Milanese Remix)
12. Disclosure (Instrumental)

Dubstep electronic hero Milanese steps back into the fray with his second album for Planet Mu. His grimy-electro influenced take on Dubstep has been much imitated since the release of his 1Up album for Warp and Mus Extend so hes found himself a crew of vocal collaborators and like minded producers to shape up the next evolutionin the Milanese sound with Lockout. Now working seperately to his previous collaborators Various Production, he still shares a healthy love of vocals, represented with contributions from Ben Sharpa, RQM & Oliver Grimball added to whatever urban dance style Milanese decides to sink his skills into. His mix of Baby Blue takes hyper modified grime and adds helium pitched vox to his twisted-metal rhythms and Wonderful World sounds like hardstepping garage from 2020. The Untold remix of The End replaces the grimy digital contortions with hard plastic drums and his usual approach to clinically spacious arrangements while Milaneses own remix of Unique 3s Take This Love sounds like Various in a hype mood. Itll hit the spot for any gnarled grime and dubstepelectronica heads and probably annoy your neighbours in the process.

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