Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Losoul - Care

1. Slightly
2. The Crush
3. Up The Beach
4. The Lords Of Sanity
5. Vacuum Stance
6. Sunlite
7. Gridlock
8. Deuce
9. To Last
10. Btw

Kremeiers Belong and Getting Even albums found favour with house and techno fans around the globe, and now he returns to the full-length format with Care. The album title was selected due to the simultaneously melancholic and uplifting nature of
the material, but dont let that fool you into thinking that Care is Kremeiers home listening full-length: The deep groove of "Gridlock" and the Detroit-esque "Sunlite" will no doubt go down well with listeners infatuated with current US house and techno trends. Even so, the meticulous beat programming and idiosyncratic stylings of the material mean that the end product is unmistakably a Losoul record. As with most of his previous output, the album will see release on Germanys Playhouse imprint.


  1. http://rapidshare.com/files/224018551/Los-Ca.zip

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