Friday, April 17, 2009

Patrick Wolf - Vulture EP

1. Vulture
2. The Tinderbox
3. Vulture (Tobias Doppleganger Wildlife On One Remix)
4. Vulture (TNP Remix)

"Vulture" is the first single from Patrick Wolf's "The Bachelor" album. The single is to be released April 20th 2009, with a b-side entitled "Tinderbox". Vulture is a departure from Patrick Wolf's last album, 'The Magic Position', featuring synthesisers and drum machines with little use of acoustic instruments, such as the ukulele or the violin, which were staples in his earlier music. The song was first heard in April 2007 at the London Astoria, making use of the live band it contained both the violin and trombone. The song is a collaboration with Alec Empire

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