Saturday, April 25, 2009

Young Love - One of us

01. Unafraid
02. One To Ten
03. Get Me Up
04. Black Boots
05. The Picture
06. Down On Me
07. Turn It Up
08. Don't Fight It
09. Can You Hear Me
10. Love For Us

Something happened in the intervening years since you last heard Young Love. Sure, Dan Keyes is still masterminding music that sets dancefloors ablaze, but since the release of 2007s excellent Too Young To Fight It, theres been a shift, a subtle but assured transmogrification in Keyes that manifests itself in each carefully chosen chord, each deliberately delivered lyric.
Its different, Keyes says. Its older. As a songwriter Ive matured. I have a more focused, clear idea of what I want to do musically and lyrically. From the sound of One of Us, what Keyes wanted musically and lyrically was a record that is at once energetic and contemplative, moving audiences seamlessly from a dancefloor packed with strangers to a room filled with friends.



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