Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wolf and Club - Science & Sorcery

01. Seven Sevens
02. What Are They Running
03. One To The Other
04. Master
05. Spiders Web
06. Restless Sons
07. Hearts
08. The Loosest Of Gooses
09. Blood
10. Burden

WOLF & CUB return with their second album Science and Sorcery a dizzying mix of deep grooves, psychedelic journeying, motoric propulsions and straight out effects-pedal-mangling riff rock. Produced by BUMBLEBEEZ genius Chris Colonna, Science and Sorcery is (in the words of guitarists/vocalist Joel Byrne) Still Wolf & Cub, but a new piece in the puzzle. The band and Chris have fed off each other?s energies to create an album driven by (but never bogged down in) the band?s inventive splash of sound and energy.

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