Sunday, April 26, 2009

Skream - Skreamizm Vol. 5

A. Filth
B. If You Know
C. Simple City
D. One For The Heads Who Remember
E. Fick
F. Rimz

My personal fave..

Hold tight the dubstep crew, new Skreamizm has landed! The latest installment of the indomitable series comes bursting at the seams with anthems you'll have heard loaded, and reloaded at countless Skream sets over the last nine months or so and bears a few treats as promised from his recent Rinse mix CD. 'Filth' flies out the gates first and needs no introduction, you all know this one, it's a rinser. 'If you know' smackes it up a notch with some natty rolling Soca drums and mean dancefloor vibes, 'Fick' is an underwhelming midrange trotter, but 'One for the heads who remember' takes it back to the old school with some deep 2-step, 'Rimz' comes good again with a beastly f*ck-up smasher, and 'Simple City' gives it the vinegar strokes with some uplifting trancey feelings to leave you with that warm Skreamy afterglow. You know you need



    thanks to Fx~

  2. I think there's something wrong with this opens the main page from Mediafire...