Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Experimental Dental School - Forest Field

1.) Basement Fever
2.) Earthquake
3.) Royal Fantasy Snow
4.) Tear Brush
5.) Square Wave Cave
6.) Cheap Wine River
7.) Vicious Cycle Of Life
8.) Argentine Pears
9.) Dark Stars In Daylight
10.) Now I Can Do Anything I want

Experimental Dental School are a musical duo from Portland Oregon that somehow sound like a 12 piece marching band. Their new album FOREST FIELD is a unique blend of pop melody and compact punk rock power. Shoko pummels the drums like a jazz great while chanting like a sweet catholic nun. Jesse sings as if his voice were made from an old telephone, and plays the guitar like a feral cat. The duo recently finished a 6 week US tour with the esteemed Deerhoof and have shared stages with The Shins, Trans Am, Deerhunter, Errase Errata, etc. This Spring will find XDS on their 5th tour of Europe. They will be playing on borrowed equipment and sleeping on borrowed beds...www.myspace.com

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  1. http://narod.ru/disk/7673675000/XDS%20v0.rar.html

    thanks to VainSalvation