Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Audio Phreaks Presents Bar9 In Da Mix

1. Bisweed and Siprut – Ruined Town
2. Quantum Soul – Waiting On Dub
3. Scuba remix of Pull of Guilt (Org. Zen Militia)
4. F-One – Swagger
5. Kromestar – Budwise
6. Cluekid remix of Murda Sound (Org. BAR9)
7. Wivek – Natural Mystic
8. TRG – Killed It Dead
9. L-OW – Reflector
10. Hektagon – Strange Voices
11. Synkro – Wasting Time
12. Spherix remix of Moment Of Truth (Org. L-OW)
13. Rob Sparx – Bloodbath
14. Kromestar – Late
15. Nero – Something Else
16. BAR9 remix of Bad Trip (Org. Nero)
17. Reso remix of 2 Faced Rasta (Org. Rob Sparx)
18. BAR9 – Pussyhole V.I.P Mix
19. BAR9 – Midnight
20. BAR9 – Murda Sound V.I.P Mix
21. Nero – This Way
22. BAR9 remix of Music Makers (Org. Synkro)
23. Rusko remix of When Science Fails (Org. Mike Lennon)
24. BAR9 – Malicious Tactics
25. BAR9 – Smokestack
26. Nero – End Of The World

1. Shaolin Style
2. Distant Roots
3. Untitiled Sumphony
4. Pussyhole
5. Pulse
6. Extort
7. Midnight
8. Shut Ya Mouth
9. Malicious Tactics
10. One
11. Murda Sound
12. Submerged
13. Bakin Bread
14. Rapture

Dubstep ravers rejoice! Your prayers have been answered in the form of Bar9's first Audio Phreaks mix CD collating the very best of that underground and niche subdivision of Dubstep forged by himself and a motley gaggle of like minded producers. Forcing 26 tracks into 1 hour of relentless drops, brukkouts, wriggles and stomps, Bar9 has truly outdone himself this time. For your hard earned you'll get tracks from Kromestar, Vivek, TRG, Cluekid, Rob Sparx, Nero, Reso, Rusko, L-ow, Synkro, F-One, Scuba and Spherix besides enough Bar9 tracks to scare an elephant into submission. Not for the faint hearted or part-time dubstep head, dis is real dubstep rave!.

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