Friday, April 24, 2009

Osborne - Hovercrafting EP

1. Wait a Minute (Extended)
2. Wait a Minute (Arto Mwambe remix)
3. Fire
4. The Count
5. Wait a Minute (Instrumental) [Digital Only]

Just as Ghostly International/[Adult Swim]’s 2008 Ghostly Swim compilation hits its smoldering peak, Osborne’s “Wait a Minute” glides in, sprays stardust all over the proceedings, and sends the comp toward its cool-down conclusion. Osborne’s ode to the joys of the talkbox was one of Ghostly Swim’s clear standouts; now, “Wait a Minute” is back by popular demand, resurrected as the opening track of Osborne’s Hovercrafting EP, the followup to his critically adored self-titled 2008 debut.

It’s not often mentioned, but Todd Osborn is building a hovercraft. “I just enjoy the process of making it,” he says, “how it evolves from nothing.” That sense of discovery infuses the Hovercrafting EP’s four tracks, beginning with the extended mix of “Wait a Minute,” whose irresistible Rhodes-based hook and ubiquitous talkbox noodles segue into Frankfurt producer Arto Mwambe’s remix, which squishes “Wait a Minute”’s exuberance into a understated slice of handclap-house. On “Fire,” Osborne spins scratchy lite-funk guitars and violins into an elegantly arranged disco number.

“The Count” closes things out on a high note, with fat ‘n dirty techno tones that are decidedly of-the-moment, even as its title references an icon of Todd Osborn’s childhood: an eccentric cast member of Detroit-area American Bandstand homage The New Dance Show, who dressed as a vampire. On “The Count” – in all of his tracks, really – Osborne’s choice of stylistic costume is never an end unto itself, but a means for the multi-faceted producer to express his pure love of dance

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