Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Datarock - Red

01. The Blog
02. Give It Up
03. True Stories
04. Dance!
05. Molly
06. Do It Your Way
07. In The Red
08. Fear Of Death
09. Amarillion
10. The Pretender
11. Back In The Seventies
12. Not Me
13. New Days Dawn

In the latest example of 2009 just pwning when it comes to electromusic - did I really just use the word 'pwning'? - the Norwegian duo better known as Datarock for its much anticipated sophomore effort. Entitled Red and set release for September 1st, the 13 track effort will be a long time coming for Fredrik Saroea and Ketil Mosnes, it will mark the duo's first full-length release since 2005's Datarock Datarock. But if you think the album's title is any indication of a politically heavy album, think again says Saroea:

"We wear red tracksuits, that's all. But it was tempting to put in the ambiguity of referring to the army of Datarockers as not the red army. We are not political; we are more like cultural researchers I think, with a shared fascination for events and phenomena that have changed popular culture and music."

However, this doesn't mean Datarock didn't have any inspirations when it came to the creation of Red. According to a press release, the album is based on the idea of 'artistic theft,' which sees the group reflecting - the data about the rock of the late seventies & early eighties: the art, the music, the films, the subversive & popular culture, the new theory, the new technology and all that new equipment.'


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