Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kontext - Plumes / Blinkende Stjerne

A Plumes
AA Blinkende Stjerne

If you've managed to pick yourself off the floor after ingesting the first 12" from Kontext, sit yourself down for a second and check the styles on this badboy. Not content with mastering the art of 140bpm dubstepXtech on the first 12", Kontext turns his hand to two brutally bass laden techno cuts for the second installment. 'Plumes' sits heavy on the A-side with a purest subbass driven tech-house cut speckled with lush synthwork, but it's the flipside track 'Blinkende Stjerne' that really takes the piss, charging up another divebombing subbass mission with dry funked and brittle techno percussion before introducing awesome Monolake style atmospherics of the highest calibre. It's safe to say this an absolute essential, and fans of everyone from Peverelist to Villalobos need to give this some very close attention. Recommended!!!

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