Friday, April 24, 2009

October - My Left Tool EP

01. My Left Tool
02. My Left Tool (tobias. Remix)

October’s ‘Say Again’ was one of Ewan Pearson’s favourite tracks from last year, and October’s follow up on Ripperton’s Perspectiv Records is quickly gaining similar reactions.

The Bristol-based producer has seemingly developed a knack for haunting and twisted minimal techno that goes well beyond just using simple elements to reach the point of minimalism.

By arranging and then rearranging sounds, the track moves through various stages of chaos and brings the perfect amount of trippiness to the dancefloor. At points the track falls apart and seems a tad unhinged, however it always manages to find its feet, stumbling blindly into lasers.

Tobias Freund’s remix is a little more straight-forward and turns the track into a glittering techno throbber with an understated arpeggiated lead line that you yearn to go



    thanks to joi6760