Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Legends - Over And Over (with bonus track)

1. You Won
2. Seconds Away
3. Always The Same
4. Monday To Saturday
5. Heartbeats
6. Dancefloor
7. Turn Away
8. Recife
9. Over And Over
10. Jump
11. Something Strange Will Happen
12. Touch
13. Over And Over (Remix By Pallers) (Japan Bonus)

The man behind Stockholm-based The Legends, Johan Angergård, (Club 8, Pallers, Acid House Kings) has been known to take his audience for quite a ride. With jarring shifts in musical direction since 2003, The Legends are notorious for being resilient to change, unwilling to compromise their sound while relentlessly confusing and annoying his audience along the way.

The Legends’ forthcoming album "Over and Over,” recorded in a decrepit basement in South-Central Stockholm, marks yet a new creative turn for the band, mixing hypnotic washes of distorted synths with sweet, bouncy melodies that echo off walls of feedback and loud, shimmering guitars. Pulling influences from his own angst-driven life, the album mirrors Johan’s own personal changes and growth during the time in which it was written, starting dark and stormy and finishing with a brighter end. Combining a modern mix of white noise and vibrant melodies, “Over and Over” pulls influences ranging from the Beach Boys to 60’s girl-pop, with indie, ambient and krautrock sounds that resonate throughout the

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