Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hess is More - Hits

01 Piano Waltz
02 Yes Boss
03 Ssshhhh
04 The Magic Invention f.t.d.p.r.c
05 Glove Is In The Air
06 Tip Top Dynamo
07 Walksong
08 Would Would You Like To Disco
09 Rosenkrantz and Gyldenstjerne Er D De (radio edit)
10 In the Fridge
11 All the Girls

Hess is More is founded and directed by danish musician Mikkel Hess. Hess is More first and foremost represents the work of Mikkel Hess who througout the years has made music for films, theater and multimedia, including cooperations with the Royal Theatre, National Danish TV, The Danish Film School and a long list of danish and international production companies.

Mikkel Hess graduated from The Rhytmic Conservatory in the summer ‘02 with drums as his main instrument after studying with a.o. the legendary Ed Thigpen.

As a drummer and co-producer, Mikkel Hess can be heard on several albums including a.o. Luke: “Luke” (nominated at the Danish Music Awards as best new name ‘03) - Hess/ Potter/ Vincentz/ Teepe: “you should not do this if you are in a hurry” (with Jazzpar prize winner Chris Potter) - Hans Ulrik: “Jazz & Mambo” (recieved Grammy award ‘99 as best danish jazz album).

Mikkel Hess is a founding member of BoinkBox, a collaboration of creative, presenting clothes, music, films, graphics and more...www.last.fm


  1. http://rapidshare.com/files/216941750/HIM-HI.zip

    thanks to joi6760

  2. YES BOSS is a total must-have erotic intimate piece!

  3. gostei muito do disco dos dinamarqueses!