Sunday, May 3, 2009

Burial and Four Tet - Moth / Wolf Cub

01 Wolf Cub
02 Moth

Black sleeve, Black centre label, no info - very few copies! That's pretty much all you need to know about this twelve, read much further into this review and you stand every chance of missing out on bagging what is already the most hyped-up and in-demand 12" of the year so far. But what does it sound like? Well, very good indeed is the quick answer. 'Wolf Cub' actually sounds pretty much exactly as you would imagine a Four Tet/Burial hook-up to sound, merging Kieran Hebden's refined Gamelan style sculptures with crushing woodblock percussion that would sound like an incorrigible Burial ripoff until you remember that, err, it is Burial! Sick sick tune. Over on the flipside things get a little stranger, with "Moth" delivering a kind of dour 4/4 variation that actually sounds like neither artist, making use of squashed club sounds with an almost claustrophobic feel. Alien, brilliant music unlike anything else you'll hear this year - hurry or there'll be tears! Essential Purchase.

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