Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca

1. Cannibal Resource
2. Temecula Sunrise
3. The Bride
4. Stillness Is the Move
5. Two Doves
6. Useful Chamber
7. No Intention
8. Remade Horizon
9. Fluorescent Half Dome

The last Dirty Projectors full-length, 2007's Rise Above, reimagined a Black Flag hardcore classic as an art-jazz cave painting, so these forever-fluctuating Brooklyn space cadets aren't exactly short on ambition. Since Rise Above, the band has locked down a reasonably stable core lineup and signed with Domino. But judging by the flurry of activity they've got coming up, the Dirty Projectors aren't quite ready to settle into any sort of regular record-tour-record-tour rhythm.

Now, the band has revealed the details of the Rise Above follow-up. Domino will release Bitte Orca, the band's fifth full-length, on June 9. The band recorded the album last year in Brooklyn and Portland, Oregon. Song titles on this thing are commendably weird: "Cannibal Resource", "Remade Horizon", "Fluorescent Half Dome". That's the album cover up there.

On April 21, Domino will release the album's first single, "Stillness Is the Move", on both 12" vinyl and digital download, and it'll include a couple of b-sides and a remix from Lucky Dragons, their peers in elusiveness. (The first single is not "Byond Uquafina", as previously reported.)

But those records are only part of the story, as we recently reported. This spring, the band will play a few American shows (including the Pitchfork/Windish Austin Bash) and then head over to the UK for a quick headlining tour. They've added two touring members to their lineup: bassist Nat Baldwin and singer Haley Dekle.

Meanwhile, Bang on a Can will premier a work from Dave Longstreth, the band's sole constant member, at New York's Kaufman Center on April 2, alongside a piece from Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo.

Longstreth isn't the only member of the band making music on the side. On May 5, Lovepump United will release Mind Raft, the first solo EP from band member Angel Deradoorian, who records as just Deeradorian.

And supposedly the band also has another full-length in the works. They still intend to release one more album on Dead Oceans, the label that released Rise Above, though God only knows how they'll find the time to finish the thing.

Also worth noting: "Knotty Pine", the band's collaboration with David Byrne, opens the massive double-CD charity comp Dark Was the Night, which we BNM'ed yesterday. It might be the best thing they've ever done, and it's getting us amped for Bitte



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