Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hermit Thrushes - Benaki

1 Untitled
2 Fourth
3 Second
4 Benaki
5 Sell
6 Yarn
7 Started To
8 Beh-E Bnu
9 In The Shower
10 In Cold Rain
11 Mosquito Hawk
12 Smelling Flowers

Near a mountain, a river was. It continued to be for time unknown. A great grass grew around it and nurtured life. On the day that the first bird flew down to drink from the river, the first worm rose up from the first dirt to see the blue of the sky. When the first bird did see the worm – whose name was Rhomox – he was quick to snatch it up in his golden beak.

Rhomox wriggled, squirmed and begged for his life using the first words. The bird – whose name was Brid – was touched by the sound of Rhomox's words. Brid was so touched that he swallowed Rhomox whole and drank down his own tears. Deep in his belly, a magical alchemy occurred. The words of Rhomox and the tears of Brid became the first song. It was called "Fourth."

Hermit Thrushes are from Philadelphia. They do not use effects pedals. They sing songs from time immemorial. They have been seen using guitars, trumpets, glockenspiels, ukuleles, oboes, rattles, bells, and myriad other wondrous inventions, both of their own design and those of their predecessors. They play in the tradition of that first song: naive, but personal and with the magic of

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