Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oneohtrix Point Never - Young Beidnahga

1. Continous Smooth Jazz Trepanation
2. Young Beidnahga
3. I Know It's Taking Pictures From Another Plane (Inside Your Sun)

1989 : Lopatin's father stops gigging the Ukrainian restaurant scene and awards his only son and sentry of the family name with a synthesizer. Insubordinate American son overwrites accordion presets in favor of force field vibe and markedly sadder circuits. Lopatin is haunted by visions of a polygonous lover girl from the future claiming that she has a recording of his from 2027. After having received a partial chip implant designed to improve his ability to take creamy fusion solos, he falls victim to SJCT or smooth jazz continuous trepanation during a period of heavy Chorus II testing. The experience is released as an album called Young Beidnahga under the French imprint Ruralfaune. Resilient Lopatin forms Infinity Window with Taylor Richardson. In addition to his band duties, he is currently working on a film adaptation of his earliest recollected sexual fantasy titled Nightpoint, which follows the story of detective Bob Tooth as he uncovers a secret urban covenant of lesbian time travelers who procreate through tonally encrypted saliva transfer. Lopatin's day occupation as an associate professor of Possible Sexual Musics at Conservatory rarely if ever puts bread on the table, nevertheless he remains convinced of, and wills himself towards -- infinite

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