Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peter Broderick - Ten Duets

A1 Piano & Toy Piano
A2 Travel Guitar & Thundermachine
A3 Viola & Laptop
A4 Shaker & Kalimba
A5 Pump Organ & Handbells
B1 Violin & Mouth
B2 Mandolin & Theremin
B3 Field Recorder & Postcard Weevil
B4 Nylon Guitar & Violin
B5 Banjo & Piano

Ok, so only 300 of these babies were made, of which we have exactly 150. They won't last very long and, no, we won't ever get any more copies so please dont email us to ask! The release itself is another seemingly effortless bundle of loveliness from the super-young, super-talented Mr Broderick, displaying his skills across 10 tracks clocking in at a total of 35 minutes, each one doing exactly what it says on the tin with a 'duet' between two instruments. The opening track features piano and toy piano and is the sort of things that so many musicians we can think of would tear their right arm off to produce, and yet here it is tucked away in a super obscure limited edition pressing on cassette. That's what we love about what we do, and why its so much fun operating under the radar - snooze and you lose. Anyway, onto the next track and an incredible tussle between a 'Travel guitar' and 'Thunder machine', a perfect blend of the kind of immense, submerged drones last heard on Richard Harrison's awesome 'Drone Hill', and distilled guitar strumming that would make Ry Cooder blush. Ok, it's a lazy comparison, but the track is anything but and is truly a thing of some considerable magnificence and wonder. And so the tracks continue, each one out-doing the last, and then the whole thing just ends and you remember that you have to do things like rewind and ffwd to find the tracks you want to hear again because its all on lovely warm analogue tape. Oh, and it comes with a little photocopied note from Mr Broderick himself, and a foldout inlay with a little picture for each track so you can see what the instruments look like. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant stuff - run like the wind if you want

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