Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gotye - Making Mirrors

01. Making Mirrors
02. Easy Way Out
03. Somebody That I Used To Know
04. Eyes Wide Open
05. Smoke and Mirrors
06. I Feel Better
07. In Your Light
08. State of the Art
09. Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You
10. Giving Me A Chance
11. Save Me
12. Bronte

De Backer has been pushing a unique blend of sample-based production and live instrumentation for almost a decade. Having cut his musical teeth as part of The Basics, a three-piece rock band formed in Melbourne in 2002, the Belgian-born multi-instrumentalist proved he could make it on his own with a series of solo albums, most notably 2006's Like Drawing Blood. De Backer's upcoming release will be his fourth solo full-length, and will be released via Eleven: A Music Company. Stylistically, the new album is a continuation of the sounds he's been crafting since his solo debut, thick with references to retro psychedelica, traditional R&B and

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