Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lukid - Spitting Bile EP

1. My Teeth In Your Neck
2. Park It Low
3. Spitting Bile
4. Dragon Stout

Lukid is one of those producers we're in terrible danger of taking for granted, so consistently impressive and quietly radical are his releases, and so seemingly resistant is the man himself to 'the limelight'. Even by his high standards, the Spitting Bile EP is top banana: moving ever further away from the low-slung templates of his early work and channelling instead a mutant house variant that challenges the grid and refuses to stay fixed for long. 'My Teeth In Your Neck' and 'Park It Low' are broken, mournful slow-house jams reminiscent of Kassem Mosse and Actress's Hazyville, all woozy synthesizers and clotted, earthy FX, while the EP's title track and the lurchingly syncopated finisher 'Dragon Stout' are off-kilter enough to summon the lawless, lo-fi avant-techno of KPLR and Carlos Giffoni's No Fun Acid, but actually engineered with proper UK soundsystem heft, the latter coming over like classic Eski instrumental if Wiley had been on a mandrax and Philip K. Dick thing. Serious business from Lukid, firmly

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