Friday, August 19, 2011

Sølyst - Sølyst

01. The Swell
02. Melville
03. Optimyst
04. A Swarm Of Nereids
05. Hoorn Of Plenty
06. Kelpie
07. Malstrøm
08. Ned Land
09. The Isle
10. Cape Fear
11. Dim Lights

Kreidler drummer Thomas Klein unleashes his self-described style of "Tribal Dub Krautrock" amidst good company on the Bureau B label. Working outside of his band, Thomas' approach here is stripped to the fundamentals of hypnotic rhythm and (mono)tone electronic patterns with a contemplative, restrained and focused methodology. There's a clear connection with his krautrock forefathers Jaki Liebezeit of Can, Neu's Klaus Dinger and Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru, but this isn't simple stylistic aping by any means, instead counting as Klein's deeply personal contribution to the lineage of cosmic repetition. He spent a year shaping these eleven tracks, organising deceptively complex linear rhythms from endless, interlocking loops and awning synth sequences which at once reference afrobeat, minimalism and dub, while never simply falling into any one category. The effect is hypnotic, meditative and atmospheric, which a subtle, brooding character of its own distinction. Fans of MvO Trio, Nonplace Records, To Rococo Rot, and of course Kreidler, should check it

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