Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pallers - The Sea Of Memories

01. Another Heaven
02. Humdrum
03. Come Rain, Come Shine
04. Tropical Fishbowl
05. Years Go, Days Pass
06. The Kiss
07. Sound Of Silence
08. Wired
09. Wicked
10. Nights

With the aim of a three-dimensional sound Pallers have created the monumental ”The Sea of Memories”. Ten tracks where every influence finds it’s place in an ever shimmering mosaic. The wealth of details, the ever growing melodies and epic soundscapes transforms the listening experience into a space voyage of emotional discoveries.

After three years spent in apartments, basements, villas and cabins in Pallers, La mar, Stockholm, Miami and Cape Town the duo has completed their debut album ”The Sea of Memories” (out Sept. 27). The massive single ”Come Rain, Come Sunshine” was released on July 26th, and achieved Top 2 on The Hype Machine and rave reviews from Nylon, AOL Spinner, and NME among others.

“The pair continue to display a preternatural gift for electronic pop, and while they may prefer to remain ensconced in the studio and avoid the limelight, the expansive ‘Come Rain, Come Sunshine’ stands as a sky-scrapingly grand gesture.” NME

“Leeds producer Youandewan has turned Pallers’ blog hit (#2 on Hypem) “Come Rain, Come Sunshine” into a hazy, dub trip with clacking 2-step percussion.

“Youandewan transform Pallers’ synth-pop sunshine into a Burial-esque lament.”

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