Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pixelord - Iron and Cream EP

01. Iron And Cream
02. Cycloferon
03. Radiozilla
04. In The Mine

Nicely varied EP of day-glo electronics and evolved dubstep beats from Russian troublemaker Pixelord. The swiping synths, taut garage rhythm and chipmunk-pitched vocal snips on 'Iron and Cream' summon Kahn's recent killer drop on Punch Drunk or Zomby at his most cheery. 'Cycloferon' is refreshingly straight-down-the-middle wonky for the skunk ‘n Xbox crowd, replete with tastefully wobbling subs and defiantly tasteless digital arpeggios, riding heavy, dubwise beats that Guido and Joker would be proud of. 'Radiozilla' makes real the mythical meeting of hip-hop and steppers' techno, with a staggered beat that keeps dropping disorientingly from urgent 4/4 pulse to smoked-out gangster roll. For 'In The Mine' we're back on a UKG thing, this time more pensively, the surrounding corona of crackle and compressed diva vocals channelling the post-rave heartbreak previously perfected by Mount Kimbie and Burial, but with some added continental clicks 'n cuts

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