Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free The Robots - The Mind's Eye

1. The Free
2. The Minds Eye
3. Prototype B
4. Dance of the Deadbeat
5. Rattlesnake

Hectic, hazardous HipHop from LA's Free The Robots, following a cool appearance on All City's ace 10" series. With a deft, free jazziness, 'The Free' juggles crooked breaks and zig-zagging, funky synth stabs, before 'The Mind's Eye' spirals into more breakbeat scientifics and 'Prototype B' jams on some dramatic sci-fi theme vibe. The fonky bob of 'Dance Of The Deadbeat' could be put to good use in the club, and 'Rattlesnake' is screws down a shifty palette of tribal drums and warped, almost dubstep-like bass...www.boomkat.com

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