Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Innercity - Untitled

1. Dada Les Apocalypses
2. The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium

Vermont's brilliant NNA Tapes are fast becoming one of the best labels out there, following mind-melting releases such by Diamond Catalog and Laurel Halo already this year with this fractal gem from Antwerp's Innercity. The tension building panoramic drama of 'Dada Les Apocalypses' feels like the soundtrack to a 100 mile ceremonial queue lugubriously shuffling towards the titular landmark on the horizon, and when we reach the pinnacle of 'The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium' we're washed with glittering synth magic before given access to a ritual Techno club at the structure's core and promptly evaporated by a sustained synth strobe flash. Don't miss

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