Friday, August 26, 2011

Nurses - Dracula

01. Fever Dreams
02. You Lookin’ Twice
03. Extra Fast
04. Through The Window
05. So Sweet
06. Trying To Reach You
07. New Feelings
08. Wouldn’t Tell
09. Dancing Grass
10. Gold Jordan
11. Eternal Thrills

Nurses return with Dracula, the follow-up to their 2009 homemade psych gem Apple's Acre. Dracula is steeped in the strange pop brew that bore Apple's Acre, with the band's unmistakable elastic melodies, heady pop hooks and unconventional knack for catchy songwriting that gets under your skin. But where Apple's Acre was an insular album, recorded primarily in an attic in Idaho using just an internal Macbook microphone and primitive recording software, Dracula is bursting. It's bolder, heavier, with deep grooves, dubby basslines and a focus on rhythm. It's an album with pure physical

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